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DUP Pioneer Museum April 4, 2024
"Dash did a great job of checking all of the equipment and duct work to make sure everything was in order."
Ashley Limb March 6, 2024
"I got Austin and Jordan this time. Very friendly, very helpful, know what they are doing. They explained what is going on and answered all questions I had."
Larry Bergeson February 27, 2024
"We have been using DASH for the past few years and have always found them to be very available, arriving within hours, or at least by the next day for our needs. They are professional, thorough and very friendly! We recently had what seemed to be an overwhelming problem with the compatibility between our home security system and our heating. They were so helpful in solving the problem, and it works perfectly now! Jordan Calloway is the bomb!"
Neil Packer January 19, 2024
"Dash is the Best! We met at a home show and feel lucky to be a client!_They are super friendly, caring and honest…"
Bonnie Rawson November 29, 2023
"impeccable service."
Victor November 29, 2023
"This company proved to be truly a 24/7 open all hours type of business. After a few calls to other "24/7" that weren't, Jordan came out from miles out to fix our furnace in the wee hours of the early morning. Fast, effienct, and a great sense of business and humor demeanor! Thank you, good sir! If one needs services at night, these guys proved they are 24/7!"